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 Hail Damaged Roof? Be sure and read this

 On 2/24/2013 large areas of New Orleans were impacted by a large hail storm.  Many homes in our area are in need of repairs from the hail. We are experienced with dealing with our local insurance companies to make sure you are treated fairly. There is plenty time to get your damage repaired, the main thing is to make sure that a reputable local company is taking care of you.

  This hail storm has brought a large amount of out of town contractors to our area. These companies will promise you anything to get you to sign with their company. They will all claim to be local and can set up shop in a rented building very quickly. These companies will disappear once this rush is over and you will be left with NO warranty on your roof.

 There are ways to tell if they are true local contractors or just claiming to be local. The phone book is a good resource. If they have never advertised in your local phone book there is a good chance they are not local.

 Think about this. The average roof job is $10,000.00. You pay your insurance hail deductible which averages about $2000.00. The roofer does not install your roof properly. Your roof starts leaking and you try to call them and the number has been disconnected. Like hundreds of others you call Robertson Roofing & Siding, you local roofing company, and we come out and find that your roof was misapplied and must be replaced. You now have to pay another $10,000.00 for the new roof.

 The storm damaged roof that should have only cost you your deductible has now cost you $13,000.00 dollars out of your pocket. This scenario happened hundreds of times since Katrina and will undoubtedly happen after this hail storm. We spent years after Katrina repairing/ replacing roofs that were installed by contractors that were no longer around.

 Your roof in one of the most important aspects of your home. Do not trust your home to someone that will not stand behind their work.

 Insurance Facts

 Most insurance companies give you a year to make a claim and the facts are that hail damaged roof typically do not leak for years. Don’t rush into a high pressure contract.

 If you have received an estimate from Robertson Roofing and it does not match your insurance settlement , please give us a call. In most cases we can work with your insurance company to come up with a satisfactory settlement.


  It is illegal for a roofing company to offer to pay or cover your deductible on  a roof related insurance claim. Should you trust someone to install your new roof who is willing to commit insurance fraud?

Louisiana Act 193

 Not Sure If you have hail damage?

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